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T  r  x  i  l  t

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Trxilt is available for free at the Apple App Store.  If you like playing strategy games like Dots and Boxes, Tic Tac Toe, Blokus, Go, checkers or chess, then you will enjoy playing Trxilt. 


Trxilt is played on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices and Mac computers.  2 players play side by side using a single device, or a player uses Apple Game Center to play another player nearby or anywhere in the world.

Questions or comments regarding Trxilt?  Email:



The Trxilt gameboard consists of a 6 x 6 grid of 36 dots and a 5 x 5 grid of 25 game pieces.

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Game pieces are worth 1 to 9 points.  Orange pieces have 1, 2, 3 or 4 black scoring lines, that point in vertical and or horizontal directions.  Green pieces have 1, 2, 3 or 4 black scoring lines, that point in diagonal directions.


For each new game played, the point value, number of scoring lines, the direction the scoring lines point, is always different for the 5 x 5 grid of 25 game pieces.


Offical Game Rules

Players:  2

Ages:  4 to 99

Game Time:  5 Minutes

Luck, Skill, or Strategy: Pure Strategy

Cost:  Free!

Trxilt is played 3 different ways.



Trxilt PRO



The 3 games use the same gameboard and same game rules.  What makes them different?  Each of the 3 games, have different Line Placement Rules.

Game Summary

Trxilt CLASSIC, Trxilt PRO and Trxilt CONNECT are engaging puzzle games, with the same two-part strategy in every turn.  In the first part the players add lines to surround playing pieces in a way similar to dots and boxes.  But they don't own those pieces - those pieces are now "active".  Then they use active pieces to score other active pieces.  They get the point values of every piece they score.  The scored pieces are then removed, which prevents the other player from also scoring them.  The scoring piece remains in play.  At the end of the game the player with the most points wins.  Try to avoid giving your opponent, more scoring opportunities than they give you.

The below picture shows a Trxilt CLASSIC game being played.

23.09,15 8.32am.png

Rule 1:  Trxilt CLASSIC Game - Line Placement Rule

CLASSIC is the original Trxilt game.

Player 1 places horizontal or vertical red lines anywhere.  Player 2 places horizontal or vertical blue lines anywhere.

Rule 2:  Trxilt PRO Game - Line Placement Rules

PRO takes Trxilt in a totally new direction.

Player 1 can only place vertical red lines.  Player 2 can only place horizontal blue lines.  Vertical red lines and horizontal blue lines can be placed anywhere.

If a player does not place their line correctly vertically or horizontally, it is an illegal line and the other player automatically wins.

At the end of each Trxilt PRO game, there will always be six horizontal rows of blue lines and six vertical rows of red lines.  This is shown in the picture below.

23.04.04 8.58pm.png

Rule 3:  Trxilt CONNECT Game - Line Placement Rules

For the entire game, red lines must all connect together and blue lines must all connect together.  Such as easy rule, but profound strategy to win.

At the start of a game, each player places their first two lines anywhere.  For the rest of the game all additional lines placed, must always connect to a same color line already on the gameboard.


In the picture below, the dotted lines show the six different locations where the next red line can be placed.

line 23.02.24 5.09pm.png

In the picture below, the dotted lines show the seven different locations, where the next blue line can be placed.

23.06.30 3.22pm.png

If a player can no longer place a line to a same color line, he or she is then allowed to place a line anywhere.  All additional lines placed, must again connect to a same color line.

If a player places a line that was not connected to a same color line but could have, it is an illegal line and the other player automatically wins.

Rule 4:  Players Take Turns


Each players turn has 2 parts.


Part 1:  Place a line

Part 2:  Scoring

Rules 5:  Player's Turn Part 1 -  Place a Line

Place a single horizontal or vertical line by tapping between two dots where you want to place the line.

Trxilt app 1.png

Then tap Confirm.

23.05.10 7.55pm.png

You can change your mind anytime before tapping Confirm.  Once you tap Confirm you cannot undo your action.


Another way to place a line is to quickly double-tap between two dots.  When you double-tap you cannot undo your action.

If there are any empty lines on the gameboard, you have to place a line.

Rule 6:  Activating a Game Piece

A game piece is activated when all 4 sides have been placed.

23.-09.29 7.07pm.png

An active piece can score other active pieces and be scored by them.


Adding the 4th side can also activate 2 pieces at the same time.

23.-09.29 7.18pm.png

Rule 7:  Player's Turn Part 2  -  Scoring

After a line is placed and there is no scoring opportunity, your turn is finished.  When there is a scoring opportunity, the words "Pick a scoring move" will appear on the screen and Part 2 of your turn continues.

Choose any active piece to score any other active piece(s).  Each black line on a piece is called a Scoring Line.  The active piece used for scoring, must have a scoring line that points at the active piece going to be scored.  If more than one active piece is in the same direction, then they are all scored.  If you have several different scoring directions available, then you can only choose one scoring direction in a turn.  If there is a scoring move you must take it.  Players get the point values of every piece they score.  The scored piece(s) are removed and the scoring piece remains in play.  When there are no more scoring opportunities, the game ends.  The player with the most points wins.


Rule 8:  How to Score Points Using Your Device

To score touch the active piece you want to use as the "scoring" piece and then swipe along one of the (black) scoring lines of that piece towards the active piece(s) that you want to score.

A red line will appear showing the pieces that will be scored.

23.06.14 3.32pm.png

In the picture above, you would touch on the 2 and swipe towards the 9.

The new points for that direction are shown in the Score section.  If more than one active piece is in that direction then they are all scored.

Trxilt score. Two pieces are scored..bmp

Then tap the Score button.

23.05.10 7.48pm.png

The scored pieces will disappear.  The scoring piece remains in play.

The picture below shows a finished Trxilt CLASSIC game.  Three game pieces remain, because they could not be scored.

23.09.27 11.09am.png

Trxilt Tournament

23.09.10 3.08pm.png

Eight players take part in a Trxilt Tournament.  Each 2 players play a game, using the same device.  The Trxilt CLASSIC game, is played in the Quarter-finals.  The Trxilt PRO game, is played in the Semi-finals.  The Trxilt CONNECT game, is played in the Final game.  The winner of the Final wins the tournament.

23.09.15 10.46am.png

Play a Trxilt tournament using only pen and paper.  Print out 7 different Trxilt games.  Dots are connected with red and blue lines.  Players print the first letter of their name inside the square of each game piece they score.  At the end of a game, players add up their scores.


Trxilt Video's

Below is a YouTube video of a Trxilt CLASSIC game.  Red and blue lines are placed anywhere.

Below is a YouTube video of a Trxilt PRO game.  Vertical red lines and horizontal blue lines.

Below is a YouTube video of a Trxilt CONNECT game.  Red lines all connect together.  Blue lines all connect together.


Game Strategies

face 23.02.11 5.51pm.png

Trxilt CLASSIC Game Strategies


1)  At the start of a game place lines to create geometric letter shapes shown below.

23.08.07 7.03pm.png

Any line placed inside a geometric letter shape, will activate a game piece(s) creating scoring opportunities.  Place lines so that the letter shapes appear in different 90 degree rotated positions.  The exception is the letter ' t ' shape, that always remains the same.

In the below game, players have created three different letter shapes.

23.07.29 11.27am.png

2)  At the start of a Trxilt CLASSIC game activate three or four game pieces, but don't yet create any scoring opportunities.  This strategy changes the game dynamics.  Players will now avoid placing the third line around a piece, because it will usually create a scoring opportunity for the other player.  In the below game, player 1 has placed red lines that have activated four pieces with no scoring opportunities.

23.08.19 11.14am.png

When pieces are activated later in a game, the game dynamics are different.

Trxilt PRO Game Strategies


1)  When playing the Trxilt PRO game, Player 1 places only vertical red lines and Player 2 places only horizontal blue lines for entire game.  Player 1 needs to avoid placing three vertical red lines side by side as is shown in the image below.  Player 2 who places only horizontal blue lines, will activate the 8 and the 4.  Player 2 will then use the 4 to score the 8.

23.06.19 7.58am.png

Player 2 also needs to avoid placing three horizontal blue lines side by side as is shown in the image below. Player 1 who places vertical red lines will activate the 9 and the 6, then use the 6 to score the 9.

23.06.19 8.15am.png

Trxilt CONNECT Game Strategies


1)  When playing a Trxilt CONNECT game, red line must connect to red line and blue line must connect to blue line.  The image below shows a game that has just started.  Player 1 has placed red lines that strategically surround six high point value pieces.  This completely blocks Player 2 from activating the six pieces.  Player 1 will immediately activate the six pieces in the group, and then use them to score each other, before Player 2 does.


The above game shows that Player 2 has no strategy and has placed blue lines, that have no benefit to him.


Shown below, is a game that has started.  Player 1 has just activated the 8.  There is no scoring opportunity for Player 1, so it is Player 2's turn.  Player 2 will create a vertical blue line (shown blinking) that will activate the 9.  In the same turn, Player 2 will then use the 8, to score the 9.  Player 2 has scored 9 points.

strategy capture.gif

How To Play a New Game

23.08.09 1.43pm.png

Tapping New (bottom left corner of screen) gives you three choices to start a new game.


1)  Two Player will start a new game on your iPhone or iPad with both players taking turns on the same screen.

2)  Two Player Online will go to the Game Center matching screen.  You will be asked to log in if you are not already logged in to the Game Center.

3)  Rematch will start another game just like the previous game.  If you were playing remotely this will start another game with the same person you were playing with.


The above image is what you will see on your screens device when choosing your three choices to start a new game.


Apple Game Center

game center apple store.png

Game Center allows a player to play another player nearby or with a player anywhere in the world.  Game Center is a service by Apple.  When you choose Two Player Online the Multiplayer Game screen in Game Center will appear.  If you are not already signed in to Game Center you will be asked to sign in.

You might need to first turn Game Center on in the Settings app.  You cannot play online without signing in.  Tap the Play Now button to ask Game Center to match you with another player.  The player is selected randomly from all the other players who are also requesting to Play Now.  The Invite Friends button will work in different ways depending upon how your Game Center account is configured and how Messages are configured on your device.  Trxilt does not store any achievements, leaderboards or history on Game Center or anywhere else.


Apple App Store

app store red.png

The Trxilt puzzle game is available for free at the Apple App Store.  Apple has a new Privacy Policy.  When you purchase Trxilt from the App Store, you will see a banner ad located at the top of screen.  To delete the banner ad, do the following.  Tap the word Store located at the bottom right of screen.

The Remove Ads screen appearsNow you tap on the Ads icon ( shown below ) to go to the App Store to purchase the No Ads feature.

23.03.21 10.51am.png

After purchasing the Trxilt puzzle game for $1.39 you will no longer see the banner ads.


Below is a Trxilt puzzle game, as it would appear on an iPad device with a banner ad.

half a game.png

The below image shows a Trxilt puzzle game on an iPad device with no banner ad.  The 6 x 6 grid of 36 dots and the 5 x 5 grid of 25 game pieces, will appear slightly larger.

half a game 2.png

About Trxilt

23.06.27 7.53pm.png

Category:  2 player / Puzzle game
Created by:  David Reich, Rick Nordal and Solomon Reich.
Game programming:  Created by David Reich
Price:  Free at the App-Store Apple
In-App Purchases:  Remove Ads $1.39
Size:  38.5 MB
Year published:  2016
Compatibility:  For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices with iPadOS 10.0 or later.  For Mac computers with macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.
Languages:  English
Seller:  Stellar Software Pty Ltd.

Trxilt is based on a pencil and paper game called Connect Capture, that was invented in 1991 by Rick Nordal.  Connect Capture combines elements of Dots and Boxes with some elements of chess.

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Copyright © 2016-2023 by Stellar Software Pty Ltd.  All rights reserved.  The Trxilt name and logo is a trademark of Stellar Software Pty Ltd.


No part of any material on this web page may be reproduced, or stored in a database or retrieval system, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission.  Individual students and scholars are permitted to use material on the website for the purpose of personal study and scholarship provided that the foregoing strictures are not violated and the proper acknowledgements are given.  The Trxilt printable puzzle games may only be used for personal use.  For commercial use, email Trxilt at:

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